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The Roach is hard to kill. Add this to your quiver for some serious thrills.

The Roach comes from a collaboration I did a few years ago with Bob Hurley based on a board he made for Rabbit Bartholemew back in the 80′s. The Rab3 is a really popular board that is made for the Hurley staff and team and I wanted to make a modern version of this for the Stacey brand. I’ve used the Rab3 as the base, but have tweaked every aspect of it it to give a really nice, settled feel when on the wave. It’s still got the Hip Swallow Tail and intricate bottom contours to give it drive and a tight turning arc. It is available in either thruster or a five fin set-up to give you more options when you’re at the beach.

Production & Shipping:
All Boards are built in Tweed Heads, NSW. Delivery time is approx. 4 weeks from the date of order. This will be confirmed once the order is received. Boards will be shipped direct to the customer from the Stacey Factory. 
If the board is in stock, it will ship immediately. For any board enquires, email
Custom board orders: click through to our page here.


outline Outline
Modern take on an 80's shortboard.
entry Entry Rocker
Low entry for easy paddling
exit Exit Rocker
Low exit rocker to create drive and hold
concave Concave
Rolled Vee in the nose to Single into Double concave. Late Vee through the tail. 
tail Tail
Double flyer into a Swallow tail.
thruster Fin Setup
5 Fin. Thruster or Quad Option.

The Roach from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on Vimeo.

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