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outline Outline
The Roach outline is inspired by the 80's short board. It's derived from the "Rab 3" which was a STCY x HURLEY collaboration in 2009.
entry Entry Rocker
Flat & Fast for effortless paddle power and instant speed. 
exit Exit Rocker
Low exit rocker for acceleration at the blink of an eye.
concave Concave
Starting with vee through the nose to aid the easy paddling by breaking the water and gets you flying straight away then rolls into a mild single to give the board a huge sweet spot then splits into a a double concave with vee once again out of the tail for easy searing manoeuvrability.  
tail Tail
Double bump for a break in the outline and this acts as a hip that pulls in to a swallow tail giving you easy pivot of the back foot. 
thruster Fin Setup
5 Fin. Thruster or Quad Option.

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